Folklorico Tutorial: Zapateado de Tres


Hello Dancers!

The video below is a short, but very important video.  It explains and exemplifies one of the most important steps in Mexican Folk Dance, "Zapateado de Tres."  Zapateado de tres literally means Zapateado (Footwork) of three counts. 

There are three variations of this step:

1.) Plano (Flat Footed) - Regions of Michoacan, Zacatecas, Sinaloa, Tierra Caliente etc.

2.) Con Tacón (With Heel) - Regions of Jalisco, Colima, Aguascalientes, etc.

3.) Puntillas (On your toes) -  Used in most states throughout Mexico.

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- Maestra Kareli

Folklorico Tutorial Series: "El Jarabe Tapatio"

Hello Everyone!

How many of you have always wanted to learn to dance "The Mexican Hat Dance?" The real name of this internationally famous dance is "El Jarabe Tapatio," and is often referred to as the national dance of Mexico.  If there is one dance that you have to learn really well, it's this one!  

Part 1: Zapateado for "El Jarabe Tapatio"

In the video below I have broken down all the "zapateado," aka footwork, and combinations in "El Jarabe Tapatio."  There are a few steps that I didn't review slowly because I have already broken them down in my "Basic Steps Part 1" Tutorial and "Tornillo for La Negra" Tutorial.  

Part 2: Routine for "El Jarabe Tapatio"

In the video below I have broken down the routine in parts with the help of Maestro Isidro "Chilo" Hurtado.  Remember, El Jarabe Tapatio is to be danced with a partner. 

I hope that you found this tutorial video valuable.  Make sure you comment and share with your friends. 

See you next time!

Maestra Kareli.